Preventative Maintenance, Hydraulic hose

What Causes Hydraulic Hose Failure?
By Berendsen Fluid Power on 07/01/2020 7:17:14 PM

Hydraulic hoses are an often-overlooked part of hydraulic maintenance, but they are critical to the efficient and safe operation of your machine. If hydraulic fluid is the...

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Hydraulic Circuit, Hydraulic System Design

The Difference Between Open Loop Vs Closed Loop Hydraulics.
By Berendsen Fluid Power on 27/11/2019 1:58:53 PM

If you deal with hydraulic systems long enough, you may hear the term “open-loop” and “closed-loop” from time to time. These terms refer to two types of hydraulic circuits in...

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Hydraulic Cylinder

Hydraulic Cylinder Terminology
By Berendsen Fluid Power on 20/11/2019 12:18:43 PM

Whether you’re ordering a custom-designed hydraulic cylinder or repairing a worn one, you may be confronted by a range of mysterious, technical-sounding words. This is a...

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Hydraulic Cylinder Seal, Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

Should You Replace Hydraulic Cylinder Seals Yourself?
By Berendsen Fluid Power on 17/10/2019 11:27:32 AM




When a hydraulic cylinder starts leaking you may ask yourself if it’s necessary to perform a full repair, or if you could simply replace hydraulic cylinder seals on your...

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Hydraulic Cylinder

How do hydraulic cylinder position sensors work?
By Berendsen Fluid Power on 03/10/2019 12:55:38 PM

In today’s digitised environment, the integration of electronics allows engineers to control the motion of hydraulic cylinders with pinpoint accuracy. Hydraulic cylinder...

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Hydraulic repair, hydraulic fluid

The Effects of High Heat On Hydraulic Oil.
By Berendsen Fluid Power on 21/08/2019 9:21:25 AM


Heat is an inevitable byproduct of hydraulic operation. When power is converted into force through any means, some of that energy is always lost as heat. You see this...

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Preventative Maintenance, Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

6 Hydraulic Cylinder Failure Risks
By Berendsen Fluid Power on 30/07/2019 10:45:24 AM

Whether you operate fixed plant or mobile hydraulics, you know that you need to maintain a schedule of regular preventative maintenance in order to keep your equipment...

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Preventative Maintenance, hydraulic fluid

How Hydraulic Fluid Particle Counters Work.
By Berendsen Fluid Power on 18/07/2019 2:54:27 PM

Hydraulic fluid contamination is one of the biggest threats to the integrity of your hydraulic system. More than anything else, contamination plays the biggest role in the...

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Preventative Maintenance, Hydraulic repair

The top 5 reasons for hydraulic fluid degradation
By Berendsen Fluid Power on 19/06/2019 1:35:02 PM


Hydraulic fluid is the lifeblood of your hydraulic system. This incompressible liquid does more than transmit force, it is also responsible for lubricating many moving...

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hydraulic cylinder mounting, Hydraulic Cylinder

By Berendsen Fluid Power on 12/06/2019 8:57:41 AM


Misalignment is a common cause of hydraulic cylinder failure. After all, hydraulic cylinders are linear actuators designed to deliver force in a single direction. So,...

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