Every Second Counts! How Berendsen is Saving Time On Australian Mines.

13/07/2021 11:00:09 AM

Berendsen has embarked on a program to unite our efforts around the idea that has always been at the core of Berendsen's values. Bringing our vision into sharp focus around a single statement that makes clear our mission and intent. Every Second Counts

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How Berendsen is Making Sure Every Second Counts.  


Every Second Counts is our everyday reminder that time is the most valuable resource to the surface mining industry, where lost productivity can be counted in thousands of dollars per hour. It is a reaffirmation of our mission to serve customers with the right services in the right place at the right time. To unite our plans, investments, and available tools and technologies around a single goal - to extract efficiencies - large and small. To streamline our processes and claw back time wherever possible. Because every minute saved is a minute earned.


What 'Every Second Counts' Means For You: 


Catchy statements don't mean much unless they translate into a meaningful improvement for the customer. In this respect, in very clear and simple terms, here is how 'Every Second Counts' translates into the way we do business.  


Vigilant Ongoing Reassessment of Customer Needs: 

To save every second requires ongoing attention and assessment not just of what is important to our customers now, but what they will need in the future to meet production demands and keep their machines in motion. For us, this is a never-ending process. It requires an intimate knowledge of our customers, as well as a detailed understanding of our own business and its many complexities. We continue to develop relationships with customers to respond to challenges, and develop internal processes and systems to give us greater insight that help inform our future plans and investments. 


Long Term Planning & Investment: 

Every Second Counts extends to the way we look at the future. With an eye toward making macro and micro-adjustments and improvements that continue to improve our speed and capabilities. Whether this is creating new programs such as high-speed cylinder exchange, or expanding our capacity in certain areas - such as hard chrome plating. We are continually looking at what we need to invest in today to ensure we can continue to run at full speed tomorrow. 


Greater Utilisation of Technology & Tools to Improve Workflow:

Making every second count requires the utilization of every tool in the arsenal. And one of the most powerful tools available is on the front of digital transformation and business systems automation. Berendsen is already a long way down the road on this journey as the only hydraulic services provider to have developed its own - proprietary custom-built digital workflow management system. But this is only the beginning. As we continue to look for ways to extract efficiencies, we will continue to harness the new technologies and digital tools available to save valuable seconds and win back time wherever possible.


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