Announcing Berendsen's Rapid, Reliable Hydraulic Cylinder Service Exchange.

03/04/2019 9:43:26 AM





A quick-turnaround cylinder exchange service for Caterpillar dozers & dump trucks. 


Good news for maintenance managers who need to get their machines back in action fast. Berendsen has introduced a rapid, reliable cylinder exchange service to meet the ever-increasing needs of Australian mining and other industries. With a growing range of reconditioned hydraulic cylinders for Caterpillar Dozers and Dump trucks available for immediate exchange, Berendsen is making this service accessible to more Australian customers. And with it, comes with the quality of repair and the assurance of performance that you are accustomed to from any Berendsen product. In this article we'll talk you through the benefits and explain how it works. 


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What is Hydraulic Cylinder Exchange? 


Hydraulic cylinder exchange is a rapid turnaround option for hydraulic cylinder repair customers who want their machinery back in action as fast as possible. This service allows you to you swap out your damaged cylinder for a “like-new” reconditioned cylinder of the same type. Instead of sending your hydraulic cylinder to be repaired and receiving the same unit back several days or even weeks later, you simply order an already reconditioned unit of the same make and model. This is then shipped to you while you ship your damaged cylinder back to be repaired. This often cuts your downtime to a day or two - or even a few hours if you get lucky and happen to have a cylinder exchange provider with an available model nearby.



How does hydraulic cylinder exchange work?


  1. You contact Berendsen and inform us of the make and model of the cylinder you require.
  2. We check to see if a corresponding model is available in our stock of like-new reconditioned hydraulic cylinders
  3. If available, the matching cylinder is sent to you so you can reinstall it and get back in action right away.
  4. You remove your faulty cylinder and send it to us.
  5. The faulty cylinder is disassembled at our repair facilities and inspected following our standard repair practices.
  6. A diagnostic report is generated along with a cost to repair.
  7. You are invoiced only for the parts and labour to recondition your damaged cylinder.
  8. The cylinder is repaired to manufacturer specifications and the reconditioned unit is returned to the shelf, awaiting the next exchange.



How much does hydraulic cylinder exchange cost?


You pay only for the repair of your damaged cylinder. Berendsen does not charge for the cylinder exchange service itself. So in theory, hydraulic cylinder exchange should not cost any more than the costs of repair and transport normally associated with a hydraulic cylinder repair.



What types of hydraulic cylinders are available for exchange?


While theoretically, any hydraulic cylinder is suitable for cylinder exchange, practically there is a limit to the stock can be maintained by any company. Therefore usually only the most common types of hydraulic cylinders are available for cylinder exchange, since these are the units that will most often need to be replaced. Most often, these are general-purpose hydraulic cylinders, most of which are found on mobile equipment.

For this reason, Berendsen hydraulic cylinder exchange is concentrating initially on cylinders for Caterpillar dozers and dump trucks - to serve the needs of the mining the mining industry, where rapid repair of machines is all important. This type of operation has a large number of earth-moving machines with hydraulic cylinders that are exposed to rough treatment and require continual repair. That being said, Berendsen aims to make this service more accessible to many more customers in time - sign up to receive our list of cylinder models to stay updated. 



Enquire about Berendsen’s growing list of cylinder exchange models.


Cylinder exchange is a handy option that enables customers to get back in action as fast as possible. Berendsen recognises the value of this service to our customers, which is why we are continuing to grow our list of available models in order to make this service available to more people. We encourage you to sign up to our email list to stay informed and receive the updated list of cylinder models. You never know when it may come in handy.


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