Introducing Frontrunner: Berendsen's Digital Hydraulic Cylinder Repair System.

27/07/2021 11:06:07 AM

Berendsen Fluid Power has developed a 100% custom-built cloud-based digital hydraulic cylinder repair workflow system called Frontrunner to improve accuracy, create greater transparency, and speed up the flow of repairs through our operation. 

Berendsen Frontrunner


About Berendsen's fully-digital hydraulic cylinder repair system:


Berendsen's custom-built digital hydraulic cylinder repair workflow system is called Frontrunner. It uses tablet computers to log and monitor every aspect of the hydraulic cylinder repair process.  It has been specifically developed for the demands and requirements of our hydraulic cylinder repair process to reduce manual entry, ensure strict compliance with repair practices, and make all data instantly available to every stakeholder - from the technician in the workshop to the customer on the mine office. 


  • Quicker hydraulic cylinder repair turnaround times

  • Accurate reporting & job history

  • 100% adherence to repair practices

  • Greater transparency between Berendsen & the customer




Tablet-based logging & tracking of all tasks & activities

Using tablet computers, everything is monitored. Every job is logged and tracked. Every activity is recorded and all information - from inspections to quotations to machining and fitment - is uploaded.

Ensuring better accuracy in reporting and better adherence to repair practices, flagging delays, reducing inefficiencies, and winning back time. 

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Accurate reporting & job history

As a 100% digital system, Frontrunner ensures 100% compliance with reporting requirements for everything we do.

This means every project, every job, and every repair has a digital footprint - enabling us to see at an instant the history and any data that pertains to it.

This means customers can be provided with up-to-the-minute information on any aspect they are interested in. Whether it is the time it takes for a rod to be re-chromed or the particulars of a certain cost estimate vs the work carried out. It's all available. Increasing transparency - and your confidence in us. frontrunner logo copy



All data is instantly available (across the workshop or across the country) 

As a cloud-based system, once uploaded, every piece of valuable information is immediately available to any person in our network who needs it. Any place, any time.

They could be across the workshop or across the country in one of our in-house hard chrome plating facilities.

Everyone has instant access to job data they need to make instantaneous decisions - all without calling or tracking other people down to confirm any details they require. Streamlining our processes minute by minute, hour by hour. 

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Berendsen's Technological Approach to Saving Time Where it Counts

On a mine, or indeed any industry that processes raw materials, time is the most valuable resource available. For any maintenance manager or technician in the field, every second counts when it comes to keeping machines up and running. Berendsen understands this better than anyone else, which is why we've put this mantra at the centre of everything we do. And it is this thinking that informs the way we approach our business.

Frontrunner is part of our push to extract efficiency, turn around work faster and save seconds to keep your machines on the move. Because every second counts.


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