5 Things to Consider when choosing a hydraulic cylinder exchange service provider.

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Consider these things when choosing a hydraulic cylinder exchange service provider.

Hydraulic cylinder exchange is a rapid turnaround option for hydraulic cylinder repair customers who want their machinery back in action as fast as possible. While hydraulic cylinder exchange offers you a rapid way to source an identical reconditioned cylinder for your machine very quickly, you should still consider your choice of provider very carefully. As with any other repair, making a bad choice could end up costing you more, lead to poor performing equipment, lead to quickly repeated cylinder failure and even extensive damage to your expensive machinery as a whole. To make sure you make the right choice, we’ve outlined the things you should consider when choosing a hydraulic cylinder exchange service provider.


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1. Quality of repair:

Just like any other cylinder repair, you want to be assured that the reconditioned unit you receive is of high quality and is up to the task at hand. A poor repair job will not perform correctly and will fail in short order - regardless of whether it is your own cylinder or an exchange unit. Which means if you don’t select a quality repairer, your machine will be down again very soon and you will be in for another repair bill.

Considering this, you should evaluate the cylinder exchange service like any other cylinder repair company. Do your homework. Check their facilities, their quality standards, enquire about their quality assurances and ensure the company you choose has the credentials and the track record to give you the confidence in their repair capabilities.



2. Cost of repair:

Like any repair job, you should choose a service provider who will give you value for money. While service exchange is usually provided free of charge, you will still be paying for the repair of the damaged unit. And once you have made the exchange, you have already entered into an agreement, so there is no chance of selecting a different repairer.

Therefore, you need to be aware of the pricing structure of your chosen repairer. As with many industries, OEM cylinder exchange programs tend to be on the higher end of the pricing spectrum. Independent hydraulic service companies may be more cost-effective however, you should still be mindful of their quality standards. Some turnaround repairs to OEM standards, but don’t choose a cheap backyard workshop and expect to receive a cylinder that performs to manufacturer specifications.



3. The reputation of the repairer:

The trustworthiness of the service provider becomes all important because once they have made the exchange, it is up to them to inspect and assess the damaged unit and produce a quote for repair. You want to be assured that whatever supplier you choose - they have the honesty and integrity to treat your repair like any other repair. A reputable repair centre will be staffed with experienced technicians with decades of experience - who using purpose-made disassembly rigs and employ sophisticated diagnostic devices to accurately measure tolerances and assess wear. They should produce an accurate report and document the disassembly and inspection process with pictures, which should be provided to you to verify what needs to be replaced and why. Only then can you be certain of a cost-effective repair.



4. Location & support:

 While many service providers will deliver nationwide, you want to be sure that you can get access to support when you need it. If you choose a one-location service provider across the country, you will not have the benefit of things like rapid response on-site call-out with fully equipped service vehicles. Should you run into trouble using a provider without a branch network, you will find yourself on your own.



Customer service:

You want to ensure that you receive the right part, in the right time. It is no good sending your crucial cylinder off and receiving the wrong model back in return. Not only does this waste time, but they may not even have the right model in stock, you now have to wait for them to repair your damaged model - and you’re at their mercy - relying on them to do a good job and charge you correctly.

The service exchange provider you choose should have a well-established reputation for high levels of customer service. Look out for helpfulness, telephone manner and take note of the questions they ask to determine if the provider you choose gives you the level of confidence you’re looking for.



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When a hydraulic cylinder fails, it becomes a matter or priority to get it back in service as fast as possible. If you choose the right supplier, cylinder exchange can be a very effective way of getting your machines back in action without any major dramas. Take these things into consideration next time you’re looking for a hydraulic cylinder exchange.


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